Alumni Spotlight: Jamee Fiore

Preservation in Idaho and a jaunt through an abandoned mining community

In December 2013 Jamee Fiore started working for the Idaho State Historical Society in the SHPO. Jamee says, “Learning to live in Boise is different…there are a solid 3.5 months of 20-30 degree weather, and a solid 3 months of 95-105 degree weather. But, Idaho is a beautiful and geographically diverse state with everything but the ocean.” As the Historic Preservation Review Officer, she is the resident specialist for section 106 compliance. She is also developing the Idaho State Preservation Plan and doing lots of public outreach in order to re-thinking the state plan from a totally new perspective.

Fiore also works closely with the National Register coordinator in public outreach, NR nominations, and consultation. She travels around the state a lot visiting historic towns, ghost towns, and wilderness areas. Recently, she rode an ATV up a mountain to an abandoned 1800s mining community.

Fiore’s office is located in a National Historic Landmark, built in 1871 as the Assay Office. Here is a link to the Idaho SHPO page

Jamee Nichole Fiore
UGA, MHP 2013


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