Almost Graduation Day! – Andrew Lundstrom, 5th Year BLA

My name is Andrew Lundstrom, and for the past 5 years of my life, I have spent most of my time working hard to earn a degree from The University of Georgia. As of May 9th, 2014, I will officially be a graduate from UGA’s College of Environment + Design. While college has been a blast, it has also had many tough challenges. It has developed me as a person, and it has taught me skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Ultimately, what I have discovered, is that no matter what major you chose, this time is one of growing; physically and mentally, of learning to manage time and people, as well as yourself, and to make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. The College of Environment + Design did just this for me.

Lucky for me, I came in to college, picked a major, and stuck with it all the way through. I was drawn to Landscape Architecture because of my passion for golf, as my dream was to be a golf course architect. I quickly learned that Landscape Architecture had many more facets, however. Learning about residential design, urban planning, campus planning, land planning, and new urbanism opened my eyes to the broad spectrum that is Landscape Architecture. By going to studio for hours on end, studying abroad in Italy, and interning with The PGA TOUR and HGOR, I feel like I now feel like have a full understanding of what I have studied for 5 years.

Though I have stuck with the major all the way through, I have still had my doubts about pursuing this as a career. The CE+D is a great resource when students get to stages such as I did. As a student, you get a chance to build a one on one relationship with the professors because of the small class sizes. Even better, every professor here actually cares about your development as a person. This makes approaching them about career decisions simple and easy because they have already been there and done that. Additionally, you have access to great academic advisors that will help guide you through your decision making process.

Regardless if you can draw a 3D perspective or not, this major has a lot to offer. It teaches you to think creatively and problem solve. It helps you to reach a different perspective on environmental issues and understand what sustainable design really is. A degree from this college provides you with a set of skills that separates you from the rest of the students graduating from UGA, most of which are very marketable.

As I prepare to walk across the stage on May 9th, it has really forced me to look back and appreciate my time at the CE+D. Through the process, I have realized pros and cons within my decision, but overall, I would not trade this education for anything in the world. Whenever I am faced with a fork in the road, a problem I need help with, or just advice, I can always rely on my family at the CE+D. They say college is the best time of your life. Here, at The University of Georgia and The College of Environment + Design, that statement certainly holds true.