CED-designed Qualtrics form recognized after national contest.

CED’s Coordinator of Undergraduate Services, Rose Tahash, entered the Qualtrics Survey Builder contest earlier this year with a set of Qualtrics scholarship forms designed to help CED students, faculty, and staff. While not a winning entry, one of the forms was selected to be part of their “University” feature.

Qualtrics got its start in academia, with the goal to make sophisticated research simple. We did that by building a survey tool that was easy to use but powerful enough to take on any research project.

Today, academics are using Qualtrics for far more than research projects. That was inevitable: When flexible, powerful software is put in the hands of smart people, it gets repurposed and reimagined in unexpected ways. Today students, faculty and staff at universities across the world use Qualtrics for everything from admissions to orientation to graduation and all steps in between.

Read More to see CED’s featured form, “Scholarship Reference Request.”