MHP students join effort to preserve historic Brunswick home

BRUNSWICK | Joe McDonough has an unlivable house that he wants to tear down, but the city won’t let him.

In recent years, the city had gone on a tear demolishing dilapidated houses, but McDonough’s big, two story house is different: It’s historic.

University of Georgia historic preservation students came to McDonough’s rescue this week boarding up the broken windows and plugging gaps in the exterior walls to keep out the rain that has had its way with the house built around 1900.

McDonough had planned to tear it down and sell the property to First Baptist Church, his neighbor across the street, which would replace it with a new facility. But the Brunswick Historic Preservation Board said he couldn’t, that those plans weren’t consistent with restrictions in the historic district. McDonough appealed to the City Commission, but the commissioners upheld the board’s decision.

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