Happiness is the BLA – Catherine Arnold, 2nd year BLA


Growing up, the last place I thought I would end up is Univeristy of Georgia. For me, the heat and the distance from home were reason enough not to go. However, that all changed when I came and visited.

During my senior year, a friend’s parents begged me to tour UGA with their daughter, Taylor, to help get her excited. Unfortunately for them, Taylor still remained unenthusiastic after our day in Athens, while I, on the other hand, had fallen in love during our brief, three-hour visit. I immediately felt at home on the campus and in the amazing city of Athens and knew this was the only place I wanted to spend my college years.

Flash forward all the way from August to June of the next year. I’ve been accepted into UGA and am excitedly walking around the orientation majors fair. My friend Kate asked if I would go talk to a major’s representatives with her because she was too shy to go alone. I end up at the Landscape Architecture booth. I talked to a masters student and got to see example projects and yet again fell in love within the briefest of moments. Hearing about studio format classes is one of the things that really won me over. The thought of sitting in giant lecture halls everyday getting lectured at was not how I hoped to spend my time. From what I glimpsed during our brief conversation, I would spend my days at CED collaborating with my peers, all motivated and creative individuals. To me, this sounded a lot more fulfilling and stimulating, and has certainly proven to be so throughout my time here. This major also provided me with a delicate balance  of arts and sciences that appealed to my love of logic and creativity. After being in this college for now four semesters, everything that first lured me into CED has proven true and become so much more.

So I really do see my finding BLA as an act of fate. If it had not been for these two friends, I do not know what I would be studying or if I would even be at this amazing university. I would not have found my best friends or rewired my brain to think in a completely different way. After only two years here, this college and major has proven to be more than I could ever imagine and I know my love for landscape architecture will continue to grow.