Pura Vida from a Landie at UGA Costa Rica! – Devon King, 4th Year BLA

Hola from Costa Rica!

This semester, eight other 4th year classmates and I are studying Landscape Architecture in San Luis, Costa Rica!  We’re able to take all LAND classes required for Fall of 4th year, and UGA’s campus here feels like home away from home. It’s beautiful, engaging, and best of all, sustainable! 🙂

    ​We’ve taken lots of hikes- to a research station in San Gerardo for a weekend (incredible view of Arenal Volcano and delicious, home cooked, authentic Costa Rican food), up La Trocha (super steep mountain situated right outside campus) to learn about the aqueduct that provides water for the entire community of San Luis, and all around campus at night! The naturalists on site have so much knowledge about local plants and animals so we’re able to see lots of cool species, especially at night. Still looking out for a sloth, though. 🙂 

    ​Just as interesting and unique as the nature in Costa Rica is the culture. We were lucky enough to get here just in time for Independence Day on September 15th. We participated in a local parade of lanterns the night before Dia de Independencia at San Luis Lower School, and spent the actual day of Sept. 15th in the nearby town of Santa Elena for a much larger parade. Local ranches have hosted us for dinner and nights out, and we’ve begun to feel very integrated with the community in the quick two weeks we’ve been here. Of course, everyone has learned to LOVE rice and beans, which we’ve enjoyed for the past 20-ish meals. 🙂 

    ​Overall, this trip is already the best in my life. Our little CED crew has gotten even closer than we were before, and we’ve made quick friends with the Tropical Biology group who we’re sharing  campus with this fall. I look forward to weekend trips to the coast and to Monteverde Rainforest Reserve, ziplining a mile through the rain forest, and weeklong homestays with the local families in our area. Cannot wait to find out what the rest of the semester has in store! ​