Thinking outside the square – Lindsey White, CED Ambassador

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Georgia is ranked fifth in the nation. What contributes to this fantastic ranking are the projects that we complete in our courses. Professors create projects that really make us think differently and help us develop as designers.

One project that really pushed me to think differently was a plaza design. The project was titled “Form, Space & Movement.” We were going to design pocket parks. Pocket parks are small parks (ours was 60 feet by 70 feet) in an urban setting. These parks are usually in between two buildings. As landscape architects, we design space and spatial experience. In this project we had to really consider how spaces create forms and how those forms also create spaces. Each student was assigned a form that was to be used as the designing feature.


My form was hexagon. The form was troubling because all I could think was that my design was going to look like a honeycomb. I did some research and found a site ( that did graphic designs with hexagons. One image in particular caught my attention. It was a web made from irregular hexagons. I decided to use this as inspiration for my design. It was difficult to step away from the easy answer and go with a plan that would be different and ultimately more work.


In my plaza I created an irregular hexagon web. I let the voids in the web create spaces within my design. The design flowed well and created interesting spaces and experiences within the park. It was a good choice to step out of the norm.

IMG_1821  IMG_1816

I learned a lot from this project. It reminded me of the basic principles of design. Bringing me back to the basics really helped create a strong design that I was proud of. The professors in our program really know how to guide students to success and I am thankful for the education I am able to receive from this prestigious school.