What is Landscape Architecture?

Career Profile – What I do as a Landscape Architect (LifeHacker.com Article)

Interactive Landscape Architecture Definition (ASLA.org)

Be a Landscape Architect (Landscape Institute UK)

Landscape Architecture is Landscaping, right?

Not necessarily! See below for the numerous possibilities. While you certainly can go into landscaping if you want to, the spectrum of career paths is broad and you determine where you end up. You cn see award-winning projects in each of these areas by visiting ASLA.ORG.

Bioremediation, College/School campuses, Corporate and commercial grounds, Energy Savings, Green Roofs, Healing gardens, Historic preservation and restoration, Hotels, resorts, golf courses, Hospital and other facility sites, Interior landscapes, Landscape art and earth sculpture, Land planning, Land reclamation and rehabilitation, Monument grounds, Parks and recreation, Public gardens and arboreta, Residential sites, Security design, Streetscapes and public spaces, Therapeutic gardens, Transportation corridors and facilities, Urban and suburban design, and Water resources.

Employment Statistics

  • To learn more about career potential with a degree in Landscape Architecture, please read the United States Department of Labor’s statistics by clicking HERE.
  • Employment of landscape architects is projected to grow 14 % from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations.
  • Planning and development of new commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects and redevelopment of existing landscapes will drive employment growth.