CED Graduation Convocation given by Carol Naughton

Carol Naughton, president of Purpose Built Communities in Atlanta, gave the address at the CED graduation on Thursday, May 12th 2016 to a crowd of friends, family, faculty, staff, and graduating students. As a lawyer and advocate for comprehensive community revitalization, Naughton is deeply familiar with the challenges that communities face in response to economic hardship, racial discrimination, and faltering infrastructure. Her work with the East Lake Foundation in Atlanta has drawn national attention from numerous leaders in community development, including the Urban Land Institute.

Purpose Built Communities was established in 2009 as an outgrowth of a nationally recognized effort in the 1990s to revitalize Atlanta’s East Lake neighborhood. Since that time, their redevelopment model has been taken to other cities including New Orleans and Indianapolis. Naughton emphasized in her address the need for designers and planners to engage and work closely with the residents of the communities they serve and develop networks for sharing deep understanding of their needs and goals.

Naughton is a graduate of Colgate College and the Emory University Law School.