Circle Gallery Exhibit Schedule

The Circle Gallery, located in the Jackson Street Building on UGA’s North Campus, is an inspiring venue for art that engages, informs, and entertains visitors interested in environmental design. A diverse selection of seven shows per year reflects our college’s interdisciplinary character. From landscape architecture, to historic preservation, to planning and design, the Circle Gallery strives to enrich the experiences of our students and the community.

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Current Exhibit

Places for the Spirit: Traditional African American Gardens

Vaughan Sills, photographer
January 12-February 28, 2017


Places for the Spirit is a traveling exhibit of African American gardens photographed by Vaughn Sills and made into a book in 2010 (Trinity University Press). Sills is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (MFA) and taught photography at Simmons College in Boston from 1987-2013. In 2015 she was the featured artist in a solo exhibition at Smith College Botanic Garden in Northampton, MA. In 2001 the University of Georgia Press published her book, One Family, the result of a 20-year collaboration with the Toole family in Athens. The photographs document the daily lives of four generations of the Tooles. Sills’ photography explores places and people with great sensitivity and respect, allowing the viewer to contemplate his or her own life in relation to one’s place.

“In my photography, I explore our link to the natural world—how we live and develop cultures within the natural world, and how we influence that world. I look at how the environment, both the natural and the built, helps to create the individual experience of reality, as well as the ways in which family and culture affect the individual. I am particularly interested in creating images that suggest how our physical and social environment influences our inner experience, including our spiritual experience—or at least my own.”
–Vaughn Sills

Upcoming Exhibits



Landscape, Remembrance, and Healing: Paintings by Rich Panico

March 16-April 28, 2017

As a medical practitioner, yogi, and artist, Rich Panico has a deep and multi-faceted understanding of the human condition. Rich’s current interest in art and medicine addresses the propensity of our species to turn the inevitable human experiences of pain and loss into suffering, which, if not understood and engaged in wisely, leads to the acquisition of co-morbid (the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in a patient) psychiatric syndromes and complex encounters with our challenging medical system. He is currently in the process of creating paintings for his upcoming exhibit and lecture at the CED in March 2017. We are invited to read the artist’s blog as the show unfolds.

Panico is an esteemed physician, yogi and artist who has successfully engaged in a complex career in Athens for over 40 years. He is currently practicing mind-body medicine part time, teaching integrative medicine to physicians, and is a non-degree graduate student in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA. He is a board certified psychiatrist, the founder and former director of the Mind-Body Institute at Athens Regional Medical Center, former medical director of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems and was division chief of psychiatry at Athens Regional Medical Center for many years. He is a long time student and practitioner of classical yoga and its therapeutic applications and has taught this older interior form of yoga and meditation for three decades. His training in art was through an apprenticeship in oriental high fire ceramics and he has worked for over thirty years with indigenous clays and glaze materials, ultimately creating a large body of work inspired by Neolithic animal effigy vessels. In 2003 he taught himself to draw and paint with pastels, developing an avid interest in landscape and figurative work which complement his work in ceramics.

Past Exhibits