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Greetings alumni, colleagues, and friends!

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up at CED early this summer! We have a full schedule of Orientation sessions for the next academic year, ongoing celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Founders Garden; students and faculty in China, Croatia, Italy, Costa Rica, and Turkey, and BLA and MLA students completing internships across the nation. As busy as CED is, I know that you and your firms are as well. You’re probably thinking – “Ok, another message about the DesignIntelligence survey and why I should fill it out…” right? Let me illustrate just a few reasons why DesignInteligence rankings matter:

  • They allow us to show off YOU: Recruitment of outstanding and quality students is the lifeblood of CED. Being able to speak about our DI rankings and our alumni accomplishments are among our most important tools in attracting prospective students.
  • They help us prepare the best possible workforce for YOU to hire: We know you have a particular interest in the qualities and education of our graduates. We must ensure that a new hire not only brings the right mix of skills to your firm, but is also a good fit in the organizational culture and has the educational background skills that you need.
  • They are a barometer to where the profession is and where it needs to be: The 2013 rankings show that there is considerable quality in design schools but also reveals an unrelenting and increasingly dynamic restlessness for renewed strength and relevance.
  • They give YOU a voice – what are your emerging concerns? 2014 rankings show that practitioners are thinking about Sustainability, Maintaining Design Quality, Integrated Design, Urbanization, and Retaining Quality Staff. They worry about students understanding biology, biodiversity, and environmental degradation. Do you share those concerns? Do you have others? This is your outlet so get sharing!

Thank you for supporting us in our quest to continually improve design practice and education. By taking just a few minutes out of your assuredly busy day to rank the College of Environment and Design, you help strengthen our curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and educational outcomes.


Daniel J. Nadenicek
Dean of the College of Environment + Design
285 S. Jackson St.
Athens, GA 30602

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