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MEPD Gwinnett Campus

MEPD Gwinnett Campus

The Master of Environmental Planning and Design (MEPD) program at the UGA Gwinnett Campus is a professional graduate degree program that allows for continuous full-time employment while pursuing the degree.

  • 3 1/2 to 4 year program (part-time)
  • Diverse study abroad and integrated service-learning opportunities including Costa Rica, Turkey, and other countries
  • Preparation for American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) designation.

With an emphasis on studio-based integrative planning processes, the MEPD program is grounded in environmental and ecological design, the program also uses traditional sociological, political, and economic principles. The purpose of the degree is to improve the lives of people and ecosystems as well as urban centers, incorporating cultural, historic and design elements, while engaging the community to identify and plan for long-range goals.

A degree in the MEPD program prepares students for professional careers in public planning agencies, private firms with city and regional planning departments as a professional planner, or in non-profit agencies. The program also offers preparation for future doctoral work in city and regional planning. We welcome students from a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs who are interested in working with local communities, civic leaders, public agencies and design teams to engage in a democratic planning process.

The 58-hour program allows students to take elective course work tailored to their individual career interests, including environmental design, community development and cultural resource planning, design and health, and ecological design. Two new specialty areas - food planning and real estate development - will be available soon. In addition, students can take coruse work throughout The University of Geogia in fields such as geography, real estate, anthropology, sociology and ecology to widen their knowledge base and operate within an interdisciplinary framework.

The program of study for the 4-year program at the UGA Gwinnett Campus has been approved. Program of study is dependent upon enrollment numbers for each course. Required courses remain the same as the 2-year program, which can be viewed HERE

Admission and Application Requirements are the same as for the Athens Campus, 2-year, full-time program and may be found HERE.

If you would like further information about this program, please contact:

Jack Crowley, Program Coordinator

Donna Gabriel, Graduate Academic Advsior