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Landscape Architecture - Innovate, Create, Design, DO.

Landscape Architecture - Innovate, Create, Design, DO.

The simplest way to explain our major is that landscape architecture is the marriage of art and science. If you like being creative, getting lost in design/drawing, or making something "perfect," WE WANT YOU!

What is Landscape Architecture?
(also in Spanish)

You will gain skills with:

  • design basics (art)
  • creativity, innovation, thinking outside the box
  • site design (backyard scale to huge urban areas)
  • historic preservation
  • planning 
  • water resources - grading and drainage
  • horticulture (plants!)
  • sustainability/ecology 
  • humanities subjects like psychology, sociology, and anthropology

Almost everyone would probably recognize famous landscape architecture sites like:

  • New York City’s High Line
  • Chicago's Millenium Park or 
  • Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. 

But don't rule out a downtown square, local greenway trail, or even your own backyard. Green roofs, urban farms, corporate campuses— these are also examples of landscape architecture. Check out all of the amazing ways you can practice Landscape Architecture under the jump (topics include links to award winning designs of that type and more info). (ASLA.org)

Two of our students were selected to be featured on UGA's home page as "Amazing Students":  Joe Werner and Sarah Boyer

For a list of:

  • possible careers
  • job titles
  • employers
  • and more current happenings in Landscape Architecture

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BLA Admissions

If you have been/are accepted to the University of Georgia and are interested in Landscape Architecture, WE WANT YOU. There are no additional requirements for admission to the Landscape Architecture major. All admissions and transfer credit decisions are made by UGA's Office of Admissions.

UGA Office of Admissions 
Terrell Hall
Phone: 706-542-8776

Please click below for FAQ's, specific details, and instructions.

Current Student Success & Engagement

Current Student Success & Engagement

The Office of Undergraduate Services is here to help with:

  • Academic Advising
  • Major Changes
  • Minors/Certificates
  • Educational and Career Goals/Resources
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Organizations and Service Opportunities
  • Internships and Scholarships
  • Referrals and Resources

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Program of Study

Program of Study

Please see the Bulletin for a complete listing of all LAND courses with descriptions.




If you are thinking about attending UGA and majoring in Landscape Architecture - we would be happy to send you some information! Please click here to: request information from the BLA at UGA!




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