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A lot of students who find a home in BLA didn’t even know what the field was before they walked into our building or office. You may be in the same boat. Think Landscape Architecture is just “mowing lawns?” Think again! More info

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The Master of Environmental Planning & Design is a professional graduate program with an emphasis on a studio-based integrative planning process grounded in environmental and ecological principles. The purpose is to improve life and ecosystem health in regions and urban centers, incorporating cultural, historic and design elements, while engaging community process to identify and plan for long range city and regional goals. More info

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The Historic Preservation program prepares students for broad-based careers in the conservation and management of historic resources in both the built and natural environments. The two-year program is structured to develop versatile, competent, and highly motivated professionals who can perceive preservation opportunities in the broadest sense and who can develop strategies ensuring the protection and use of cultural resources as a part of the fabric of urban and rural environments. An accelerated degree, a joint Juris Doctor and MHP, and certificates are also available. More info

The Founders Memorial Garden celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2014

The Founders Memorial Garden is a series of memorials, the first of which commemorates the twelve founders of the first U.S. garden club - the Ladies' Garden Club of Athens, founded in 1891. More info
BLA students collaborate on a local project at the UGA Costa Rica Campus.Spring 2014, LAND 6040 Community and Place Studio, 2nd year MLA student workMEPD program Maymester Study Abroad - Turkey Master of Historic Preservation program Maymester, Canon’s Point plantation, St. Simon’s Island CED Students interning with UGA's Archway Partnership worked on community playground designsThe Founders Memorial Garden celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2014