Building Materials Conservation


This course focuses on restoration and rehabilitation theory and practice. The three general areas of focus are:

  • The History of Building Systems: dating historic materials, structure and framins, wood, masonry (stone, brick, mortar, plaster), metals, roofing, pain, electrical and mechanical
  • Approaches to BMC, Diagnosing Problems and their Solutions: levels of intervention/the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and BMC; Historic Structure Reports; wood deterioration and repair/replacement; masonry and mortar (water problems; repointing; stone identification and problems; masonry cleaning); water conduction systems; problems with paint and other finishes
  • Hands-on BMC: repointing masonry, stripping paint, epoxy wood repair



After learning more about historic structures (how they were built, forces acting upon them, prevelant conservations problems and possible solutions, etc.) students will work in teams to create Historic Structure Reports. Some of these reports are sampled below:





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