MHP Students visit Milledgeville

On Sunday October 23, several MHP students traveled to Milledgeville, GA to tour and volunteer.  The event, organized by the Student Preservation Organization, began with a tour of Andalusia, the home of author Flannery O’Connor in the 1930s-1950s.  Student Ross Sheppard led the tour and explained the role of Andalusia in Flannery O’Connor’s novels.  He also spoke about the building itself which dates to the 19th century.  After touring, the group cleaned up a few of the structures on the property to help Andalusia prepare for its Bluegrass festival on November 5th. After volunteering with the clean up, the group enjoyed lunch at a local BBQ joint.  Before returning home to Athens, the group toured the Old Governor’s Mansion in the afternoon.  According to student Pearl Howell, it was overall a very fun event that was also educational and helpful for the community.  As Pearl said, “It was a good way to spend a Sunday.”

The students toured the Old Governor's Mansion in the afternoon

Milledgeville has many historic buildings including the Old Governor’s Mansion done in the Greek Revival style

Students were able to examine the historic interiors of the Old Governor's Mansion

Students were able to examine the historic interiors of the Old Governor’s Mansion