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Students can visit this site to find job opportunities requested by the public – a great way to hone one’s portfolio and resume. Job Board postings are updated monthly. New job requests will be announced via the CED-L listserv and posted to this site. When the project client selects someone, the posting will be closed and removed from the website.

If you are an interested student, please contact the owner directly. Students are responsible for negotiating their own terms of payment, if any. Job Board clients may be contacted by CED staff to assess their satisfaction with the CED Job Board experience.

If you are a member of the public and are interested in posting to our Job Board, please send us a Public Service Request.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lewis at jmlewis@nulluga.edu or 706-369-5885.

POSTED 12/1/2017

Project Name: Residential Design
Contact Information: Alicia King, asjking1@nullgmail.com, 770-608-1016
Project Location: Jefferson/Jackson County
Project Description: We have 1.8 acres. Our home is in a small subdivision carved out of a field. We have begun to redo the landscaping that was put in when the house was built. We have put in just a few new shrubs, but basically you would be working with a clean slate. Ultimately we would like to work with someone to come up with an easily maintained landscape design (that we can implement) that will highlight our little ranch home.
Goals: landscape around home to add visual appeal to a basic ranch, chose plants/trees that will proved color/visual interest though each season, where to plant trees on property, and design a simple backyard entertainment area.
Opportunities: landscape design
Challenges: hide utility box close to the road while not blocking a fire hydrant, water run off that flows through front yard after extremely heavy rains.
Timeline for completion: We would like to be able to begin implementing the design plan for the front yard this coming spring, 2018.
Budget for design work: to be negotiated
Budget for installation: We are not really looking for someone else to do the work, but if a student is interested in that part of the project, we are open to that.

Project Name: The Cottages
Contact Information: Richard Bennett, athbestrentalsrich@nullgmail.com, 706-296-2966
Location: The Cottages/Athens Ga
Project Description: 3 restored mill houses with a Caribbean theme—trying to tie tropical plants/grasses/flowers together with available sunlight, to convert the Cottages into a unique Nassau themed village. Seeking plant design
Timeline: by March 15, 2018
Budget for Design: $150
Budget for Installation: $1000/1500


Posted 10/23/2017

Project Name: Yard Runoff Management
Contact Information: Bonnie Pender, crabmutton@nullgmail.com, 843-801-1542
Project Location: Athens, GA
Project Description: The yard is overgrown, has bald spots and a heavy tree canopy. I noticed that during the last heavy rain, storm water ponded behind the house and on the brick patio. We would like to request your department’s assistance in the following: Manage water runoff, primarily to reduce ponding and keep running water away from the septic drain field. Runoff also pushes dirt onto the driveway in selected locations. Assess the tree cover and determine whether any of the trees need to be removed or trimmed. Assess existing plant material and determine whether any need to be removed, pruned, etc.
Challenges: Manage runoff in a better manner/Improving the yard so it can be more easily maintained.
Timeline: Open
Budget for Design: TBD
Budget for Installation: TBD

Project Name: Front and Backyard Oasis
Contact Information: Michelle Schlesinger, mwschlesinger@nullbellsouth.net, 404-202-2888
Project Location (City/County): Athens, GA (Five Points)
Project Description: We currently have a large pinestraw area in our backyard. I’m hoping to make it more intimate and create an oasis by making smaller areas to gather as well as to plant bushes that will create color and hopefully not be eaten by the deer. I’m also wishing to add more plants and color to an area in our front yard. I need someone’s expertise to suggest what plants will do well and to create a more finished and comfortable look to our yard.
Opportunities: Landscape design
Challenges: Create a landscape that will not be ruined by the deer
Budget: TBD
Timeline: ASAP

Project Name: Historic Kirkwood Home Front Yard Landscape Design
Contact Information: Brittany Eddy, brittanyeddy@nullgmail.com, 804-690-9137
Project Location (City/County): City of Atlanta/Dekalb County
Project Description, including: Need landscaping advice and design for phased implementation of a sloped frontyard in historic Kirkwood neighborhood. Site improvement goals: To develop an attractive, unique landscape design including trees, shrubs, groundcover and flowers that will prevent erosion, and include a variety of native plants that will incorporate colorful foliage year round.
Opportunities: Gain experience working with a private customer to develop a residential landscape design in a historic neighborhood of Atlanta using only native Georgia plants.
Challenges: Sloped frontyard, limited budget
Timeline for completion: Design complete by October 31st
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: TBD

Project Name: Hurricane Irma Catastrophic Loss – Birdie Lane
Contact Information: John Brotbeck, jfbrotbeck@nullgmail.com, cell: 704-578-4314
Project Location (City: Duluth, GA /County: Gwinnett)
Project Description: Site improvement goals: We have owned our home for two years and never really had much luck growing our own shrubs, flowers or trees (with the exception of four Encore Azaleas which had survived until the house was nearly destroyed). Everything we have was inherited from previous homeowners. Almost everything we have tried to plant has died (including four Lantanas).
On Monday, September 11, 2017 the remnants of Hurricane Irma caused 60+mph wind gusts to uproot and blow over three giant trees in our yard and cause catastrophic damage to our home as well as most of our landscaping. Four people were in the home including me, my wife, and two house guests who had evacuated from Miami, FL – my brother-in-law, and his partner.
I do have some limited insurance coverage for the replacement of some landscaping., but we are really going to be starting with a clean slate in regards to the landscaping design. This is where you and your program come in. Our house reconstruction will be going until at least mid-March 2018. If you are interested in challenging one or more of your students with this project – they would have plenty of time to come out and survey the property, take pictures and meet with me to discuss ideation. Again – between hardscaping (paver stones/arbors/etc) and plants – this is a ‘clean-slate’ project. All that exists is the floor plan of our existing home to work from. It is not new construction. The trees caused nearly 1/3 of our home to be destroyed, and the re-construction is going to require even further demolition.
Opportunities: Design landscaping for homeowner heavily affected by Hurricane Irma.
Challenges: Busy Job Site (demolition and construction site) – will require sturdy boots and a hard hat. Will require making appointments with homeowner to meet in person at the secured job site.
Timeline for completion: June 15, 2018
Budget for design work: $1000+
Budget for installation: $2500+

Project Name: Front yard water diversion
Contact Information: Justin Sales, justinsales09@nullgmail.com 706.248.1968
Location: Watkinsville, GA
Project Description: We have water that comes across the future front yard. We are unable to plant grass/plants until water diversion problem is solved. Erosion control, beautify a new house front yard.
Goal(s): Solve water diversion problem, chose plants that help prevent erosion, new home construction to choose plants
Opportunities: beautify a new house construction, complete design and installation.
Challenges- French drain already installed and does not carry enough water to be diverted
Timeline: next month or so
Budget: flexible

Project Name: Residential Landscape Design| Covington, GA
Contact Name: Sandra Renee, cell: 843-568-7946, email: Sandra.fulmore@nullemoryhealthcare.org
Description: Homeowner is looking to redesign both their front and backyard. Will cover costs of all the supplies.
Timeframe: Fall 2017
Funding: Negotiable

Project: Residential Landscaping | Oconee County, GA
Contact: Trey Hood, cell: 706-583-0554, email: th@nulluga.edu
Description: Property owner needs assistance redesigning existing flower beds.
Funding available: Please speak with client.
Timeframe Begin by: ASAP

Project: Riley Residential Drainage Problem
Contact: Diane Riley, rileydcook@nullaol.com, (706) 621-0035
Location: Athens, GA
Project Description: I am requesting assistance for a flooding/drainage problem. Last year the neighbor adjoining our lot to the rear did an addition which involved extensive clearing of ground cover. Most of the trees had been removed earlier in order to create a dog run. The drainage on our property cannot accommodate the rainfall we have been experiencing since March and April this year. The interior of our back cottage and our home have been flooded several times.
Project Goals: pursue a solution to drainage problem
Opportunities/Challenges: This project would provide experience in solving, albeit on a small scale, a difficult drainage problem. Years ago, B-Dry installed a residential pump which has managed the drainage for almost twenty years. It is not sufficient now.
Timeline for Completion: ASAP
Budget: TBD


Posted 08/18/2017

Project: Larkin Backyard Advice and Design
Contact: Leslie Larkin, leslielarkin1959@nullgmail.org, (706) 206-0163
Location: Bogart, GA
Project Description: needs advice and backyard design to be done for water retention problem in back yard
Project Goals: decrease standing water, low maintenance shrubs and flowers, a place to enjoy with our family
Opportunities: complete design and installation
Challenges: Georgia heat
Budget for Design Work: depends on estimate
Budget for Installation: Depends on estimate
Timeline for Completion: January 2018

Project: Floorplan Drawing
Contact: Kathleen Andres, mariemanor413@nullhotmail.com, (404) 964-1115
Location: Scottdale, GA
Project Description: looking for student to draw floorplans for a house (converted army barracks) before moving
Challenges: must be completed soon
Budget: TBD
Timeline: ASAP

Project: Convert Client’s House “Vision” into Usable Floorplan Document
Contact: Duke Lane, duke@nullgenuinega.com, (478) 952-9000
Location: Perry, GA (Houston County)
Project Description: Seeking to convert a client’s “vision” sketch of a house into a usable document to provide to a builder. It does not to be a final version, rather something the client to take to an engineer to complete the design.
Opportunities: Take customer’s sketch and convert it into usable architectural design
Challenges: Customer not a designer
Budget for Design Work: $300
Budget for Installation: $350,000
Timeline for Completion: 60 days (longer or shorter if needed)

Posted 07/06/2017

Project: Tom’s Pond Veterans Memorial Design Competition
Contact: Julie Schindler, DrMomJ@nullaol.com
Location: Lake Park, GA
Description: Our city is looking for designs for a Veteran’s Memorial. It will be located by Tom Pond, a small pond in our city. There is a monetary prize of $500.00 for the design which is chosen. We will be opening this challenge to UGA CED and Wiregrass students. We are not looking for a huge statement, but rather a modest, tasteful design. We envision plants and seating. We would like this completed in about 18 months. Details here: Tom’s Pond Veterans Memorial – Lake Park, Georgia

Project: Backyard installation for a birthday surprise
Contact: Kellie & James Glenn, Kglenn@nullcovenanthouse.org, 404.290.4717
Location (City/County): Atlanta/Fulton County
Project Description: Site improvement goals: Tilling land, laying sod, reshaping hill, installing rock wall and slide along hillside, planting and installing small french drain out of river rock. Opportunities: Learn how to reshape land, install french drain, lay sod, choose plants that will protect a small hill from eroding. Challenges: Small space, small budget
Timeline for completion: Must be completed by August 5th, it is a 2 day project
Budget for design work: TBD
Budget for installation: $1500 total + We will purchase needed supply

Posted 06/20/2017

Project Name: Clarksville family farm plan
Contact: Paula Wonders, 706-768-9637
Description: This is for a historic 40 acre family farm in Clarkesville, GA. The owners need a landscape master plan for about 5-7 acres near the main house that incorporates recreational amenities but not overwhelming the beauty of the site — the design needs to keep the character of a classic Georgia farm. The family is interested in plans for a rock-walled garden for family picnics (that keeps all their rescue dogs out!), a basketball and/or tennis court, and a modest ecopool — a natural biofiltration swimming pool that looks more like a natural pond. (See www.ecopoolsonline.com)
Timeline for completion: 2017
Budget for design work: negotiable
Budget for installation: TBD

Project Name: Woodlake Property
Project Location (City/County): Colbert/Madison
Contact Name: Doris Cash, dwest@nulluga.edu, (706) 542-8263
Project Description: Seven acres slope down to a small community lake. Many low areas around house, drive and lot immediately surrounding the house and backyard down to the lake, have standing water and or erosion due to slope of lot….
Site improvement goals: Grade, install appropriate drainage and/or landscaping to prevent additional erosion and standing water. Perhaps build a footbridge from back of lot over to small island (approximately 20 ft).
Opportunities: Make mundane wooded backyard a beautiful natural area and stop erosion from entering lake or compromising the foundation of house
Challenges: Low areas surround the house and lot
Timeline for completion: End of summer
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: Outdoor Lounge & Patio Redesign for White Columns Hall Apartments
Location: Downtown Athens
Contact: Chase Lawrence, Chase@nullCollegeTownProperties.com, 706-200-7082
Project Description: To create a function and enjoyable outdoor lounge utilizing a current brick patio. To incorporate the use of mature trees, raised planters, grilling area and lounge seating to create an environment for residents to enjoy year-round. Opportunities: Flat grade, existing brick pavers, multi-level patio space, pedestrian to downtown Athens.
Challenges: Located in current parking lot area with little aesthetic assistance.
Completion Timeline: 45 day design / 45 day project construction
Design Budget: $1,000
Project Budget: $10,000

POSTED 5/1/2017

Project Name: Royal’s Landscape Design
Project Location (City/County): Bogart/Oconee
Contact Name: Jamie Royal | royalj7@nullgmail.com | 706-255-1317
Project Description, including: Looking for a design plan for a back yard of a ~1 acre residential lot.
Site improvement goals: Would like a design that included space for a children’s playset, fire pit, patio, detached workshop, and perimeter fence.
Opportunities: Wide open space with few obstacles.
Challenges: Incorporating all of the requested features into one coherent design. Septic tank and line.
Timeline for completion: Next three months
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Based on design and will be approached in phases.

Project Name: Landwehr residence
Project Location (City/County): Peachtree Corners, GA
Contact Name: Tim Landwehr | Email: tim@nulllandwehrs.com | Phone: 770-331-0776 |
Project Description: We would like to evaluate an entire redo of our backyard. Today there is a larger Koi pond (although we don’t have fish in it), a retaining wall around the pond, a good size patio, deck under outdoor living area and an about 1/8 – ¼ of acre that needs to be updated with new landscaping. We have some general ideas, but for the most part this would be an open canvas for you to practice your new craft; we do know we’d like the pond to come out and reuse as much of the stone on the new plan as possible. Depending on the size and scale of the plan we’d even consider allowing some assistance in the project itself; of course if it is to large we’d hire some landscapers to assist with building retaining walls, etc.
Site improvement goals: Renovation of backyard space
Opportunities: Could work with other landscapers, and your design will be brought to life. Great experience.
Challenges: Recycle as much material as possible.
Timeline for completion: As soon as possible.
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: The Church at College Station
Project Location (City/County): 1225 College Station Rd, Athens, GA
Contact Name: Ron Langford | Email: rlangford@nullchurchatcs.com | Phone: 706-765-7149
Project Description:
We are looking for a landscape plan to implement in front of a portion of our building. Recently we have cut down some old trees in front of part of our building and need to relandscape the area in a manner that coordinates with the earlier design. This part of the project is basically a straight wall of a two story building that is adjacent to a landscaped courtyard and building entrance on one side and a small playground area on the other. It is highly visible and part of a visitor’s first impression. (There is also another portion of the property that needs a sizeable retaining wall designed and ultimately installed. However, this is a secondary consideration at this point. Also, depending upon what kind of costs may be involved, there are several parking lot islands that need a design.)
Site improvement goals: 1) Improve visual appearance of facility. 2) Conserve soil, prevent erosion, and provide attractive front border to property
Opportunities: Create an attractive design in a highly visible location for a public facility
Challenges: Coordinate with existing professionally designed landscaping to create a unified looking project. (Our last project was designed in part by a UGA intern working for College Pro.)
Timeline for completion: flexible. Would be great to have installed by next fall.
Budget for design work: flexible.
Budget for installation: Our men will do the installation ourselves, including new irrigation lines.

Project Name: Ashton Place side yard project
Location (City/County): Ashton Place neighborhood, Athens (eastside), GA, Clarke county
Contact: Andrew Bugbee | Email: abugbee@nulluga.edu | Phone: 706-540-4257 |
Project Description: Side yard slopes into backyard, erosion due to drainage of storm water down slope makes maintaining any landscaping in the area difficult. Looking for ideas to design the yard to prevent on-going erosion and maintain prettier landscape solution.
Site improvement goals: Improve appearance of side yard, prevent ongoing erosion, maintain some pathway for lawnmower access to backyard.
Opportunities: Working with two open-minded clients to solve a landscaping problem
Challenges: Need to maintain some way of accessing the backyard with a lawnmower through double-doored gate at bottom of slope.
Timeline for completion: Open
Budget for design work: Open
Budget for installation: Open

Project Name: Ron and Liz’s retirement home
Project Location (City/County): Grantville, Coweta county, GA
Contact Name: Ron Helms| Email: capt_ronald.helms@nullyahoo.com|
Project Description: Single floor home, approximately 1500 sq ft living space with two car garage, exercise room, pool, recreation area with a sauna
Site improvement goals: Property is undeveloped
Opportunities: Design a home for older couple who want few things to take care of from the ground up
Challenges: Distance to the property and the property still needs to be cleared a bit. It is mostly open.
Timeline for completion: By the end of 2017
Budget for design work: included in installation budget
Budget for installation: 150 – 200 thousand dollars. I am only guessing here.

Project Name: McCloud Residence
Project Location (City/County): Atlanta, GA 30310
Contact Name: Lynn Mccloud | Email: lchardy49@nullgmail.com | Phone: 404-798-7990
Project Description: Bring the home back to its glory days
Opportunities: Experience and public outreach as well as learning opportunities.
Timeline for completion:
Budget for design work: My budget is limited so I was looking for a student that needed some work to build on his/her knowledge.
Budget for installation: Limited

Project Name: Tudor Transformation
Project Location (City/County): Bishop, GA
Contact Name: Baron & Hannah Mullis| Email: hmullis@nullgmail.com | Phone: 803-381-4757
Project Description: We recently purchased a Tudor style home surrounded by box woods and would like to re-landscape the front yard to an English cottage style in keeping with the house. We are most in need of a design plan with a negotiable budget, but are open to the idea of financing the complete project as well. Timeline is flexible, but we would love to start planting this fall.
Timeline for completion: Before Fall
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: King Family Dream Property
Project Location (City/County): Jefferson, GA
Contact Name: Brandy King | Email: Blk1283@nullgmail.com | Phone: 678-425-8520
Project Description, including:
Site improvement goals: Property is around 20 acres and around 6 Acres of that will be a blank slate in approximately 2 weeks. Our goals for the property include: a welcoming front entrance at the gate, entrance to house’s sidewalk updated, a baseball field, batting cage, basketball court, in-ground pool, fire-pit, driving range, zip line, covered pavilion picnic area, and plenty of parking.
Opportunities: Huge opportunity to build up portfolio in many areas.
Challenges: Large project, We want easy maintenance of the property.
Timeline for completion: Negotiable
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

POSTED 04/19/2017

Project Name: Seneca Farms HOA Entrance Capital Improvement Project
Project Location (City/County): Buford, GA, Gwinnett County
Contact Name: Joshua Nash | Email: info@nullsenecafarms.com | Phone: 770-990-6336
Project Description: To expand entrance landscaping down the length of our entrance fence on both sides.
Site improvement goals: Our neighborhood entrance has limited landscaping, we need ideas about different types of native plants with year round color.
Opportunities: Landscaping down the entire length of both sides of entrance fence
Challenges: Small section of topography that may need grading or retaining wall, we would rather find a way to work around that section without grading or a retaining wall if possible. We just do not know what plants would do well in that area.
Timeline for completion: Before July 15th, if possible.
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: $15-$20,000

Project Name: Memorial Front and Back Garden
Project Location (City/County): Mount Airy/ Habersham County
Contact Name: Navi Ramos | Email: ramos.navi@nullgmail.com | Phone:706-499-1186
Project Description, including: Design and plant a perennial “front memorial garden” that will flow with beauty to the “back memorial” garden that has been started so many times. These two memorial gardens were started 2 years ago in memory of a dear friend, who was more like a mother, who died of Leukemia. She had no family in this country and was never married. After she passed away in my home with hospice I was bound by my promise to keep her at home with me and the “grandchildren” she never had.
Her ashes are still in an urn because what I have planted, removed, and started so many times is not worthy of her ashes. When I asked if she wanted me to bring her back to her country when it was said and done, her reply was “No, my daughter, I want to stay here with you and the kids. Just scatter my ashes by the front door rose bushes you love. That way I can at least whistle at you when you come out.” Needless to say every year, since her passing, I start over. I need to give her a “permanent home”.
Site improvement goals: A place of beauty for a “final resting place”.
Opportunities: Help me fulfill a promise and endless gratitude.
Challenges: An emotional friend bound by a promise.
Timeline for completion: At your convenience, but more like ASAP, because every time I come out of my front door I feel like I failed her because I have not done what I promised.
Budget for design work: Not sure.
Budget for installation: I am a work horse and I can help with digging and planting.

Project Name: The French Quarter
Project Location (City/County): Bogart, Oconee County
Contact Name: Laura French | Email: french0626@nullgmail.com | Phone: 770-841-8973
Project Description, including: Backyard landscape design New construction residential to include possible deck addition or paver patio Mom, Dad, active middle school boy, two dogs use the yard
Site improvement goals:
Challenges: Grade; drainage ditch and drainage easement to side of house
Timeline for completion:Just getting started – would like basics done by June 1
Budget for design work: Open to ideas
Budget for installation: Open to ideas

Project Name: Backyard Renovation Needed
Project Location (City/County): Stone Mountain/Gwinnett
Contact Name: Sean Germany | Email: seangermany@nullgmail.com | Phone: 678-472-8218
Project Description, including: Need assistance with a design solution to backyard drainage and grading issues. Half acre sloped residential lot is ill equipped to handle heavy rains. A small stream is created after downpours, causing erosion. Need grading and trenching to alleviate potential structural problems.
Site improvement goals: Design a backyard that will ultimately live up to its potential.
Opportunities: Outdoor kitchen, fireplace, hardscaping and decks for two backyard doors.
Challenges: In-ground pool needs to be demolished, grading and drainage issues need to be addressed.
Timeline for completion: ASAP
Budget for design work: Flexible.
Budget for installation: Negotiable.

Project Name: Creative Solutions for Integrating Sustainable Backyard Gardenscape Project
Location (City/County): Normaltown, Athens, GA
Contact Name: Kate Finley Piedmont | Email: finley.kate@nullgmail.com | Phone: 706-614-1427
Project Description: Our backyard has two raise garden beds, a compost bin, rain barrel and various edible bushes, trees and vines. We would like to connect natural water source and distribute it to the plants and veggie garden beds. We have an irrigation system that has been chewed through in various spots by our dogs. Our beds and berry bushes also need rehab to produce and protect our food.
Site improvement goals: 1) Create a pet-proof system that allows us to use rain to irrigate plants. 2) Rehabilitate soil in raised beds and create year-round mulching solutions for weed control. 3) Improve composting practices that improve the mineral content and facilitate growing of large edible plants year-round. 4) Develop and implement rotation/fallow transitions to maximize seasonal growth. 5) Protect berries from critters so we can harvest them when ripe.
Opportunities: 1) Irrigation system rehab and creative solutions. 2) Soil optimization. 3) Develop efficient and sustainable mulching practices 4) Create and use best compost for fruit and vegetable nourishment. 5) Plan rotational schedule including soil enrichment (e.g., plant peas after-season for nitrogen supplement)
Challenges: Yard is graded to allow sealed rainbarrel water to drip down to gardens. However, development of a steeper grade for irrigation hoses will greatly help hydration of veggie beds, fruit bushes, vines and trees including fig tree, blueberry and blackberry bushes, muscodine and grape vines.Also, the irrigation system must withstand wear from two dogs who like chewing.
Timeline for completion: Summer 2017
Budget for design work: $500
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: Backyard Landscape Design
Project Location (City/County): Covington, GA 30014
Contact Name: Doyle Baker | Email: doyle.baker@nullharlandclarke.com | Phone: 678-382-1446
Project Description, including: My wife and I are wanting help in determining what/where to plant shrubs, trees, and plants. We have 3 small children so the landscape design that we desire must be low maintenance. Our family is very active and we spend lots of time outdoors playing with each other and our goldendoodle. So the design must be kid/dog friendly We want to create a little more privacy, landscaping around existing fire pit, and prevent some slight erosion.
Site improvement goals: Our backyard is primarily shaded and we would love to find a good combination of trees, shrubs, and flowers to make it much more attractive for playing and entertaining.
Challenges: The biggest challenge in our backyard is the amount of shade and trees.
Timeline for completion: ASAP
Budget for design work: NA
Budget for installation: NA

Project Name: 1000 gal Koi Pond rebuilt/landscaped
Project Location Watkinsville, Oconee
Contact Name: Georgina Echol | Email: shirebourne@nullme.com | Phone: 706-202-4285
Project Description: Pond Water feature.
Site Improvement Goals: Need a working pond that won’t leak.
Challenges: Unsure
Timeline for completion: However long it takes.
Budget for design work: Negotiable.
Budget for installation: $3,500

Project Name: Turner Front Yard Design & Implementation
Project Location (City/County): Douglasville/Douglas
Contact Name: Kenya Turner | shekenya_turner@nullhotmail.com | No Phone Calls requested
Project Description, including: All plantings have been removed from yard; To-Be yard will have low growing greenery and colorful perennials. Would also like input on trimming trees near home and driveway.
Site improvement goals: Beautify yard
Opportunities: N/A
Challenges: None Known
Timeline for completion: By end of April 2017
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

POSTED 02/07/2017

Project Name: Get ‘er Done! | Winterville, GA 
Contact Name: Randy Cook | Email: randycook35@nullgmail.com | Phone: 706-224-9912
Project Description, including: The job is a retaining wall 84 feet long and 5 feet tall. The 6 by 6 posts are in the ground and it has to be set up for three to five feet of dirt to go against it. If this is a job for you, I can help you and help you learn, let’s do it.
Site improvement goals: Creation of a retaining wall for property
Opportunities: Hands-on learning experience and help/mentoring on the job.
Challenges: No special challenges
Timeline for completion: Negotiable/ASAP
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: Stephan Residential landscape design | Toccoa/Stephens Co
Contact Name: Tom and Linda Stephan (Private Citizen) | Email: tomandlinda@nullhartcom.net | Phone: (706)389-4994
Site improvement goals: Ease of use and maintenance of our residential property and view of lake that borders our lots. Total area is 3+ acres; however, only half of that is landscaped.
Opportunities: Area is very attractive with lots more potential. We have done a lot of work on it including clearing large wooded areas while keeping some of the natural beauty; grading, and adding a driveway around to the back and “steps” down to the property in the front. Pictures are available.
Challenges: Land is difficult for us to maintain because the terrain is not level. We have it professionally done; however, we would like the property to be easier to maintain. We are seniors. It represents a good challenge for one willing to develop skills in this area.
Budget for design work: We would like an estimate of cost(s) funding available, negotiable
Budget for installation: We would like an estimate of cost(s) funding available, negotiable

Project Name: Sparer Front Yard | West Side Athens, GA
Contact Name: Dot Sparer (Private Citizen) | Email: dotsparer@nullmac.com | Phone: 706-296-1553
Project Description, including: come up with simple, practical ideas for plantings, do the planting, continue to monitor progress
Site improvement goals: neat, colorful, bulletproof (can stand up to weather and critters)
Opportunities: work with charming householder
Challenges: no special challenges
Timeline for completion: ongoing work
Budget for design work: hourly rate
Budget for installation: negotiable

Project Name: Morales Backyard | Marietta, GA Cobb Co.
Contact Name: Daniel and Molly Morales | Email: molly@nullcraniosacralhealing.com | Phone: 404-519-7327
Project Location (City/County): Marietta, GA Cobb County
Project Description, including: Backyard renovation
Site improvement goals: to improve the appearance of the backyard
Timeline for completion: 2017
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable

Project Name: Julka Home
Contact Name: Ravneet Julka | Email: rgjulka@nullgmail.com | Phone: 706-206-1423
Project Description: We’re building a home on a wooded, gently sloping lot bordering a pond, dam, and small creek in the back of the lot.  The lot is almost 2 acres and is long and thin.  The house sits towards the front of the lot.  In the back, I’d like a design that provides a small lawn area while preserving the forest aspect with trails and gravel/paver walkways to the pond and creek.  In the front, I’d like a slightly more manicured look that works with a long driveway.   At the risk of being pretentious, the ideal design would incorporate Capability Brown’s ideas of a naturalistic landscape with vistas, concealed and winding paths, and would incorporate plants that provide color at different times of the year.  I’m trying to avoid having a huge green lawn and would like a space thats interesting.
Timeline for completion:  March 2017 for completion of the plans.  Installation may come later in pieces.
Budget for design work:  Negotiable

Project Name: Residential Outdoor Upgrade | Athens Clarke County
Contact Name: Annie Bullington | Email: BullingtonAC@nullgmail.com | Phone: 504-319-2825
Project Description: Our property is little under an acre. A former owner took impeccable care of the yard and gardens, so we have many established trees, bulbs, bushes, and vines. Then the last owner let the property fall into disrepair. I would like to establish new gardens in a few areas and rework some existing areas including a fenced in vegetable garden that I would like to function as a part-time chicken range. The property also has a stone chimenea that needs to be better incorporated into the flow of the space.
Site improvement goals: Get my many potted plants into the ground in an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive design in which they can prosper. Gain ideas and long term goals for making this yard a comfortable living area in which to lounge and work.
Opportunities: Design an upgrade for a property that already has a lot of strengths. Participation in the actual installation is not a requirement. Take home plants that get split/removed. Improve your portfolio. Make a friend!
Challenges: It’s a large area. I believe a few trees will have to be removed soon and may need to be excluded in the plans.
Timeline for completion: Variable
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Negotiable if applicable

POSTED 12/14/16

Project Name: Gainsborough Club & Pool | Chamblee, Dekalb County
Contact Name: Renee Hood, email: rwhood11@nullgmail.com
Project Description, including: We need elements to make the area more hospitable during the hot summer months and year round. The landscaping and building improvements should reflect the friendly, active, family-oriented and fun-loving community that is Gainsborough Club. Opportunities: Landscaping plants need refreshing and possible additions, erosion prevention is needed, we would like a new pool entrance, and eventually changes to our clubhouse. We are also looking into a trail system throughout the property and surrounding areas. Challenges: The property is bordered by Nancy Creek and therefore in a flood plain. Currently, kudzu is the primary means to prevent erosion along the creek. We need something more so the kudzu can be reduced and eliminated.
Timeline for completion: As soon as possible.
Budget: negotiable

Project Name: Spiegel Home | Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA
Contact: Denise Spiegel, Phone: (678)-429-3490, Email: DeniseLaurenSpiegel@nullgmail.com
Description: Seeking to hire a very experienced graduate student or faculty member to draw up some simple landscape plans. Willing to pay the going hourly rate for consultation and basic plans.
Site Improvement Goals: 1) Satisfy our Homeowners Association to make our front yard tidier.
2) Make decisions about removing trees that are too large for the space.
3) Solve drainage problems. We have gully-washers when it rains. We would like to direct the downspouts to water the plants if possible.
4) Decide what to install. Would like low maintenance plants that are hearty.
Challenges: Houses are spaced very close together. Beautiful maple trees were planted too close to the house, and the roots will eventually destroy the driveway. Tree branches touching the house. Water rushes everywhere when it rains.
Timeline: Ideally – Drawings November/December, Installation December- February
Budget: Willing to pay the going hourly rate for simple design plans and some advice.

Project Name: Moasis (Morrell Residence) | Watkinsville, Georgia (Oconee County)
Contact: Christy Morrell, Phone: (706)-296-0888, Email: cmorrell88@nullgmail.com
Description: This request is for a backyard design and install at private residence. My backyard is fenced due to two large furry children. I am looking for a student to design my backyard to include a sitting area with fire pit, beds that are pet friendly to include trees to help provide a privacy screen…. help create an ideal space to relax and entertain. Blank canvas to create an ideal space.
Site Improvement Goals: To make the space pet friendly for waste removal…remove sod, add trees to create a privacy screen, paved sitting area and fire pit.
Challenges: 2 large dogs and small, fenced area with direct sun all day long.
Timeline for completion: October-November 2016
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Open- Based on design

Project Name: Backyard Makeover! | Athens/Clarke
Contact Barbara Lane, Phone: (229)-560-9312, Email: BarbieBLane@nullgmail.com
Description: Site improvement goals: to fix drainage/erosion problems, to thin out the underbrush while keeping the natural look and habitat for birds, etc, to give my 3 little dogs a safe place to run and play and eventually, my newborn grandson, to make a safe, natural path down to the creek with a little area along the path to sit with a fire pit or similar, to incorporate the gardenia shrubs I’m bringing from my old house ( cuttings I rooted) , to have more grass on the larger side yard and maybe a dry riverbed on the other side where the erosion problem is the worst, to remove the existing shrubs that have thorns and possibly the original tree that was planted by the builder that doesn’t look healthy. I would love to be able to see the creek from both decks (upstairs deck off the master bedroom and lower large deck with a tree in the middle of it!)
Challenges: We are not allowed to cut down anything that is larger that 2″, 2′ up without permission from the HOA
Timeline for completion: ASAP
Budget for design work: Willing to negotiate
Budget for installation: Will help with labor, would prefer list of steps in order of priority and would prefer to have the work done over several months for financial purposes.

POSTED 09-08-2016

Project Name: Davidson Residence Landscape Design | Dunwoody, GA
Contact: Susan Davidson, Phone: (770)-363-2071, Email: sdavidsonatl@nullgmail.com
Description: I am interested in having a landscape design created for my now barren backyard. I want to include a patio, raised garden and easy-to-maintain landscaping.I thought it might be mutually beneficial to work with a UGA graduate student (or several students) to create a landscape design for my challenging backyard (shade, wooded area behind, pond nearby, etc.). I would be willing to pay up to $125 for time spent on the consultation and design development.
Time Frame: ASAP
Budget for design work: Up to $125

Project Name: Grant Park Erskine Fountain | Grant Park, Atlanta, GA
Contact: Dan Mottern, phone: 919 668 1700, Email: Motternd1@nullgmail.com
Description:The neighborhood of Grant Park in Atlanta is seeking the assistance of a student to provide landscape design services for the historic Erskine Fountain. The Erskine Fountain once was located at the corner of Peachtree and West Peachtree and is the oldest fountain in the city of Atlanta. The fountain was moved to Grant Park in 1912 where unfortunately it has been largely ignored and fallen into disrepair. The neighborhood is interested not only restoring the fountain, pool, and marble bench, but also the immediate hardscape and plantings. See http://historyatlanta.com/erskine-memorial-fountain/ for more information.
Time Frame: Confer with client
Budget: TBD

Project Name: A Tranquil Haven (Young residence) | Woodstock, GA
Contact: Sonja Young, Phone: (734)-644-7775, Email: Sonia.L.Young@nullgmail.com
Project Description: This is a request for a backyard redesign for my personal home. I am looking for a student to design my yard with a sitting area and fire pit creating an ideal space to relax and entertain. I am not stuck on one idea or vision.
Site Improvement Goals: To make the space beautiful and inviting.
Challenges: Currently no grass, plants, or flowers.
Timeline for Completion: December 2016
Budget for Design Work: 500
Budget for Installation: Open – Based on design

POSTED 08-09-2016

Project Name:  Lyndon House Historic Garden Gardener | Athens GA
Contact: Roger W. Cauthen, Landscape Division Administrator, (706) 613-3561, roger.cauthen@nullathensclarkecounty.com
Description: The Ware-Lyndon House historic garden was constructed during 2015-2016 as an amenity to the house and property. The design was inspired by parterre gardens of the antebellum south in and near Athens. This is a traditional “box” garden with intricate complementing and contrasting elements. In order to be continually presentable, more frequent and detailed landscape maintenance is needed than is routine for most public landscaping. Tasks will include regular weed control, removal of dead flowers and deteriorating plant leafs and tissues, replanting of unsuccessful plantings, water monitoring and irrigation, sweeping of natural path surfaces, monitoring for presence of damaging pests, and removal of litter and general cleaning of the garden and its structures. A student worker with gardening experience and/or aptitude is needed to work a couple of hours, several days per week spring through fall. Opportunities: A chance to learn about parterre gardens where some background study could be enlivened with actual work experience.
Time Frame: Initially summer 2016 – fall 2016, beginning in spring in subsequent years.
Budget: Funding is available to pay a student worker in the range of $10 – $12/hr. depending on qualifications.

Project: Turman Residence, landscape plan | Fulton Co., GA
Contact: Adeline Turman; Email:theaddedtouch@nullearthlink.net; Phone: 404-797-4061
Description: Drawing Landscape Plan/Residential front & back yard plants & hardscape (simple pathways & retaining walls), maybe (TBD) elevation drawing or rendering of retaining walls. Some measuring of odd spaces – nothing complicated.  Site improvement goals: Simple, elegant landscape for new house in old neighborhood; Opportunities: Open to any input from student; Challenges: Fulfilling requests of homeowner.
Timeline for completion: ASAP
Budget for design work: TBD – Will discuss with student
Budget for installation: Unknown at this point in time

Project: Wanted: Backyard Love Affair | Decatur, GA
Contact: Jonathan Orr; Email: esodojo@nullgmail.com; Phone: 404-378-8870
Project Description: We want to fall in love with our yard and we need a matchmaker. We love everything to do with the birds and the bees and really want to reap a productive yard (fruits, nuts, honey, veggies…). Our lot is appx 1/3 acre with a mix of full-all-day-sun and partial shade. Opportunities: We are a blank canvas so use us to make your mark on the world. Challenges: 2 dogs and three kids (elementary/middle/high school).
Timeline for completion: Shovel-in-hand ready to get started
Budget for design work: Negotiable
Budget for installation: Flexible

Project Name: Henry residence, overgrowth | Norcross GA
Contact: Jeanette Henry; 281 701 4279
Description: I am a senior on a limited income and physical strength. I have acquired an old house with overgrown bushed that need to be removed and replaced.
Timeline: by Labor Day

Project Name: Haas residence, landscape design | Sandy Springs/Dunwoody GA
Contact Name:  Bill Haas; Email: haasbill@nullgmail.com; Phone: 770-310-8839
Description: Seeking counsel and direction on landscaping front and back yard.  We would like to develop a master plan that we could implement in phases.  This would include bed layout, plant selection, and some hardscapes, etc.
Timeline for completion: mid-late summer/fall
Budget for design work:  negotiable
Budget for installation:  TBD

Project: Redesign of the Eagle Walk for Northeast Georgia Council Boy Scouts of America | Jefferson, GA
Contact: Edward Brown, phone: 706-543-6270, email: edbrown@nulluga.edu
Description: This Eagle Walk has a Large Bronze Eagle and a winding walkway that has bricks of Eagle Scouts from the Northeast Georgia Council. This walk is always expanding and blank bricks are replaced with new Eagle Scouts to honor their recognition of this award. The Northeast Georgia Council Boy Scouts of America is going to have to move this feature in a year or so because of construction expansion and needs some design help for this to happen. The Eagle Walk will remain on the existing property but will move on the other side of the building and will have to be reconfigured.  The Council has worked with students from Warnell School of Forestry and they have been involved in 3 projects over the past 4 years. As seniors one of their requirements is to conduct an assessment of a property and design a program for conservation/recreation/wildlife management depending on their majors. The Northeast Georgia Council has had assessments by students for all 3 of these areas. They have an internal budget to take care of their travel and expenses of the materials are picked up by the School. Since The BSA is a non-profit there are no budgeted funds to pay for this design work. We would be excited to have an appropriate marker within the Eagle Walk for the design work done by students of the College of Environment + Design and we would take care of that cost.
Funding: no
Timeframe: Please confer with client

Project: Ritchey residence, backyard design | Athens GA
Contact:  Jeff Ritchey; Email: jritchey@nullritcheyent.com; Phone:  404-518-7949
Description: Our goal is to have our rear yard transformed into a usable space that we can use for outdoor parties and children to play.  We are also incorporating a new garage with playroom. Need Landscape design to increase usable yardage while incorporating a new garage.  Opportunities:  Get experience to work with owner/GC on budget and time constraints.  Challenges:  Topographical
Timeline for completion:  9-15-16
Budget for design work:  TBD
Budget for installation:  TBD

Project: West residence, back yard assistance
Contact: Teresa West; teenie02@nullbellsouth.net; 770 725-8446
Description: I need a landscape design for my back yard.  It is heavily shaded and all the grass has died.  It is very ugly and I have been told that grass won’t grow there and to consider shrubs and ground cover.  I live pay check to pay check so don’t have a lot of money to do everything all once.  This would probably be a 2 to 3 year plan.

POSTED 06-07-2016

Project: Smith Residence – Landscape Redesign
Contact: Amy Smith, amysmith1188@nullgmail.com, 706-366-7199
Location: North Buckhead, Atlanta GA
Description: Help homeowner create plans (design) for very shady, wooded, established yard.  Owner primarily wants to add to existing landscape rather than redo.  Yard is 2 acres with pool and fire pit.
Challenges:  deer, rabbits, little sun
Timeline: preferably by September 2016
Budget for design: negotiable.
Installation: owner prefers to install but willing to discuss!

Project: Sheldon Residence – Backyard redesign
Contact: Mike Sheldon, michaellsheldon@nullme.com, 770-331-5401
Description: Lot is on a slope, so dealing with rainwater run-off is important.  My wife would like an area for raised vegetable beds.  I would like a fire pit area connected to an existing brick patio.  We have a handful of small plants that are now not-so-small, so they might have to be given some more breathing room.
Budget: Negotiable
Timeframe: ASAP

Project: Adairsville Downtown Design Guidelines Development
Contact: Kevin McAuliff, Preservation Planner, Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, Email: kmcauliff@nullnwgrc.org, Phone: 706-272-2300, ext. 116
Site improvement goals: The City of Adairsville’s Historic Preservation Commission is seeking assistance in developing downtown design guidelines.  The Preservation Commission is in need of design guidelines by which to evaluate applications for Certificates of Appropriateness. This will allow them to maintain the historic character of their downtown by preventing inappropriate change.
Challenges: To develop guidelines that preserve the historic integrity of the district, while encouraging economic development.
Timeline for completion: The end of the semester during which the project is undertaken.
Budget: Travel expenses plus production costs, approximately $300.

Project Name:  Lot 49, Oxford Estates, St. John’s, Fl
Contact Name:  Tovia Freeman Email: TOVIA.MAIN@nullcomcast.net, Phone:  904-583-0868
Project Description: Seeking a student to draw a landscape design for our new home
Timeframe: August, 2016
Budget for design work: minimal

Project Name: Pono Acres Farm Cumming, Georgia
Contact Name: Brian Koonin, phone:  678.777.1138, email: brian.koonin@nullgmail.com
Description: We plan on building a unique event facility to host live music, weddings, private parties, and equine activities. Design large outdoor deck, gazebo, and kitchen placement. Design stage, seating, and parking areas. Propose ideal path between properties. Propose trees, shrubs, and flowers for beauty and privacy. Propose outdoor lighting suggestions
Timeframe: Mid to late June
Funding: Negotiable

Project Name: Backyard Design| Augusta, GA (Richmond County) 
Contact Name: Laura Greib, phone: 229-349-1970, email: laura.warren@nullwrdw.com
Description: Residential homeowner would like students to come up with a landscape design plan for the backyard. Design garden beds, islands, advise on materials, plants, and overall design. It’s a blank slate, except for a deck that is already in place.  An opportunity to real stretch your creativity and add complete back yard design plan to portfolio.
Timeframe:  Summer/Fall 2016
Funding: $500-$700

Project Name: Poultry Industry Diorama | South Georgia
Contact Name: Freddie Smith, email: fsmith@nullgapoultrylab.org
Description: Georgia Poultry Lab is looking for a couple architecture or even artists to design a mega-diorama. Our target visitor is anyone who is interested in a tour in miniature of our entire industry and how it works. We will welcome schools and trade groups to learn more about our industry, its importance and its job opportunities!
Timeframe:  Within the next year and a half
Funding: Possible stipend

Project Name: Residential Landscape Design| Covington, GA 
Contact Name: Sandra Renee, cell: 843-568-7946, email: Sandra.fulmore@nullemoryhealthcare.org
Description: Homeowner is looking to redesign both their front and backyard. Will cover costs of all the supplies.
Timeframe:  Summer 2016
Funding: Negotiable

Project Name: Residential Landscaping | Union City, GA
Contact Name:  Choreen Powell, email: jcgrl.cp@nullgmail.com
Description: A number of residential homes (Oakley Township) in the Union City area would like for some students to help with landscaping projects.
Timeframe:  Spring/Summer 2016

Project Name:  International Garden Space OIE| Athens, Georgia
Contact Name:  Paul (Pablo) Duncan, cell: 706-583-0619, email: pduncan@nulluga.edu
Description: Would like to create a space by the corner of Lumpkin St. and Brittain Ave. for a small perennial, international ethnobotanical garden at OIE. Ideally it would consist of drought tolerant, minimal management species from Latin America, Africa, Asia, etc.
Timeframe:  Spring/Summer 2016

Project Name:  Residential Landscape Design| Athens, Georgia
Contact Name:  Matt Stevens, cell: 404-642-9273, email: jms309@nulluga.edu
Description: Creating a loose planting plan for our yard. Not needing anything besides a basic onsite consultation and a follow-up of planting suggestions. No need for a proper design map or anything (unless he/she wanted to for their portfolio).
Timeframe:  Spring/Summer 2016
Funding: $150

Project Name:  Residential Landscape Design| Athens, Georgia
Contact Name:  Jodi Barnes, cell: 706-542-3736, email: jbarnes@nulluga.edu
Description: Creating a livable area in our side yard—length of small 1100-sq ft house and narrow (10-12 feet). We need a design and a plan.
Timeframe:  June 2016
Budget for design work:  Negotiable

Project Name:  Marian Rosary Garden| Duluth, Gwinnett
Contact Name:  Joe George, cell: 678-428-1891, email: george_jp@nullbellsouth.net
Description:  Establish a Marian Rosary Garden as part of a new Student Center project.
Opportunities: Create a space that will be attractive for students and teachers to use for education and spiritual development.
Timeframe:  Spring 2016
Budget for design work:  $2500

Project: McCormick Manor | Winder, GA
Contact:  Taffy McCormick, cell 678-549-8681, email: taffymc3@nullgmail.com
Description: Historic home in downtown Winder, Ga.  Home is located in the historical area and design plans have to be approved by Historical Preservation Commission.  The home is located on a corner lot.  Half of the yard receives sun all day and the other half receives very little sun.  The project will need to include a design with deck on side.  The cement driveway will need to be removed and replaced with landscaping and a new visually appealing driveway (pavers or landscaped tracks) will need to be added on the other side of the home.  We have a large front porch that the flower beds will need to enhance.  We are considering a brick and iron fence but would like to discuss with designer.  The yard is very flat and we do not have erosion issues. We would like a sitting area somewhere in the yard.
Funding: $100
Timeframe Begin by:  ASAP

Project: Planting/On-site maintenance | Athens, GA
Contact: Jeremy Friedman, cell 706-224-8656, email: sunrisefarm@nullgmail.com
Description: Business owner is looking for additional help with plantings and maintenance of properties. There are part-time, seasonal and full-time positions available. Students interested would learn about diverse topics such as horticulture, hardscaping, planting techniques and irrigation methods.
Funding: Negotiable
Timeframe Begin by: ASAP

Project: Landscaping Project | Watkinsville, GA
Contact: Marty Hut, cell 706-296-4567, email: martyhut@nullyahoo.com
Description: Owner has a yard that is in need of serious updating. Would like to implement low maintenance local plants into their garden and also get rid of excess bushes because it is creating too much shade for the local plants.
Funding: Negotiable
Timeframe Begin by: within the next 2 months

Project: Stormwater Runoff Project | Covington, GA
Contact: Greg Holley, cell404-906-0630, email: gholley@nullprattindustries.com
Description: Stormwater Runoff project. Owner is having a problem with water collecting on his property during heavy rainfall, which then leads to debris collecting in his neighbor’s pond. Owner spoke with county officials and they suggested implementing a “farm pond” system on his property.
Funding: Negotiable
Timeframe Begin by: ASAP

SPRING 2016 (posted 03-1-2016)

Project: Street Restoration (Harington Area) | St. Simon’s Island, GA
Contact: Donna Livingston, cell: 912-266-6678, email: donnaliv@nullcomcast.net
Description: Restoration project. The Mid-Island location is in need of a couple surveyors to come out and look at the overall layout of the street to help come up with various techniques and ideas on how to make the area more aesthetically inviting.
Funding: Volunteer basis.
Timeframe Begin by: within the next 2 to 3 months

Project: Backyard Restoration Project | Winder, GA
Contact: Nancy Gaudino (for Michael Gaudino), cell: 770-307-8135, email: petgau@nullatt.net
Description: Restoration project. Homeowner needs help to restore a sloping back yard with erosion, tree stumps, and part of septic tank exposed.  Would like to develop a low maintenance, usable yard for entertaining and general use.
Funding: Please speak with client.
Timeframe Begin by: ASAP

Project: Designing Comprehensive Landscape Plan | Roswell, GA
Contact: Steve Sheinbaum, cell: 678-462-5737, email: stevesfl@nullgmail.com
Description: Landscape Design Project. The objective would be to develop a landscape design that minimizes turf, uses native and/or drought-tolerant shrubs and trees, and incorporates rainwater capture for irrigation.
Funding available: Budget is flexible, but guesstimating at $15k-$20k for the complete plan, including irrigation and hardscape.
Timeframe Begin by: The project would need to be designed in January, as we will need to have at least some of the plan implemented by February in order to get a Certificate of Occupancy.

Project: Residential Landscaping | Oconee County, GA
Contact: Trey Hood, cell: 706-583-0554, email: th@nulluga.edu
Description: Property owner needs assistance redesigning existing flower beds.
Funding available: Please speak with client.
Timeframe Begin by: ASAP