Founders Memorial Garden, Athens, Georgia


The layout of the two and one-half acre series of gardens, the grounds of the former Headquarters House for the Garden Club of Georgia, consists of a small boxwood knot garden, two courtyards, a terrace, a perennial garden, and two informal areas.  Today, the garden is maintained by the College of Environment and Design (CED), and serves as a teaching resource for the college as well as for other units across the campus. The gardens and the house are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Our Work

Since 2009 CED Professor Marianne Cramer has used the Founders Memorial Garden as a service-learning project for her graduate-level landscape management class. The garden is the focus of an on-going program of study that includes analysis, evaluation, and management over time. It is, perhaps, the UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory’s primary testing ground for researching adaptive management strategies. Recently, Professor Cramer and her students have concentrated on articulating the mission and core values that underlie management of the garden, which will provide the framework for an adaptive management strategy.

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