Public Service Request

The Center for Community Design & Preservation is the Public Service and Outreach office of the College of Environment and Design.  The public is encouraged to contact us if you have a project that our students, faculty, or CCDP staff may be able to assist with.  Our public service projects range from residential landscape design assistance for property owners (posted to our Job Board) to conceptual master planning for communities.

If you are interested in CED assistance with your project, please contact Jennifer Lewis at and provide the following information:

Contact Name:

Is this project for a private citizen, for an organization, or for a local government?

Project Name:
Project Location (City/County):
Project Description, including:

Site improvement goals:
Timeline for completion:
Budget for design work:
Budget for installation:


Please note that the work generated by College of Environment and Design faculty, staff and students is conceptual in nature and additional professional services may be needed to implement the project.  The College is not responsible for consequences that may arise as a result of using conceptual designs as construction documents.

For more information:

Jennifer Lewis, Public Service Projects Coordinator | 706-369-5885