Samantha Hentz

My name is Samantha Hentz and I am in my second year of the Landscape Architecture program here at UGA.

I can honestly say that I love my major. I discovered landscape architecture while searching for a profession that would fuse my interests in the environment and creative design. I arrived at UGA as a true freshman in the major and have not looked back since. There is an infectious passion in the College of Environment and Design. Everyone here is driven by a genuine enjoyment of the work that they do and they are eager to help spread that love. Through landscape architecture I have not only found a wonderful profession but also a community and a home within a much larger school.

Landscape Architecture Interests: Hand graphics, sustainability, park design

Other Interests: Travel, art, hiking, plants

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Sarah Franklin

Hi, my name is Sarah Franklin and I’m a 3rd year in the BLA program, at the University of GA. I grew up in the north Georgia mountain landscape and want everyone to be able to experience the joys and healing qualities of being outside in enjoyable landscapes. Once I heard there was a major/career about designing outdoor spaces for people, I was hooked. I love the creative outlet I get through my studios, as well as getting to utilize my left brained tendencies. I feel like landscape architecture has a spot for everyone as there are so many different career paths you can take within the field.

Landscape Architecture Interests: Hand graphics, computer graphics, park design, urban design, trail design

Personal Interests: art, movies, hiking, trying the latest foodie restaurants


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Anna McAlister

Hi! My name is Anna McAlister, and I am a third year in the Landscape Architecture program here at UGA. I am from Charlotte, NC and came into the program as a freshman. I have never looked back.

Interestingly, I accepted UGA thinking – I would be an art major, but the day of orientation a friend called who was already in Landscape Architecture BLA. He invited me to check out the CED’s Jackson Street Building. One visit to the studios and my major was switched right away. Now, as a Landscape Architecture student with a horticulture minor, I am challenged everyday with engaging design problems. The work combines my love for land, science, art, and the environment. It is truly a one of a kind.

Landscape Architecture Interests: Hand graphics, sketching, residential design, park design, conservation agriculture, urban planning, and historic preservation

Personal Interests: fly fishing, hiking, drawing, sculpture, travel, gardening, and concerts!

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Stuart Harriott

My name is Stuart Harriott and I am a 3rd year in the program. I grew up on the coast in Savannah, Georgia. I always enjoyed designing and building things, which led me to have an interest in architecture and landscape architecture. Being from Savannah, a very historic city when it comes to architecture and city squares, I really wanted to further my education with a degree in landscape architecture.

After touring the BLA program, I could tell that there is a real sense of family within the CED and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of that family. As soon as I got into my studio classes, I knew it was the right choice for me. Every day we were either on a site visit, working on a new project or figuring out the best design. There really is never a dull moment at the College of Environment and Design at UGA. I have never felt more at home then I do here, at one of the top five BLA programs in the country.

Landscape Architecture Interests:  Urban Design, City Planning, University and Campus Design, Residential Design, and Design-Build, Historic Preservation.

Personal Interests: photography, sketching, bus driving, cooking, and Georgia Football

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Caitlin Teuton

Hey there! My name is Caitlin Teuton and I’m a 5th year in the Landscape Architecture program here at UGA. I’m from Savannah, GA and have been known to brag about that a little too much (it’s only the best city ever)… Landscape Architecture is actually my fourth major. I majored in Environmental Science, then Statistics, then Environmental Engineering, and now LA, and I have settled here for many reasons.

Majoring in LA is so rewarding- it’s challenging, yet creative; individual work, yet a complete group effort; a process, but motivating. In most studio classes you get the opportunity to work on real projects with real clients and I don’t know any other major that can say that.

Most importantly, the atmosphere of the College of Environment and Design is unbeatable. Because of our size you are able to cultivate relationships with professors and students from other years and majors, along with professionals who are just as proud of this college as the students are. I am extremely happy that I finally settled here at the CED and am excited to see where it takes me in the future. Please feel free to reach out to me- I’d love to share my enthusiasm with you!

Landscape Architecture Interests: computer rendering, urban greenspace design, city planning

Personal Interests: Fiona the Hippo, boxing, traveling, family, Savannah

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