Maureen O’Brien

Horticulturalist, Founders Memorial Garden Manager


Maureen considers the duties as Curator of the Founders Memorial Garden her perfect job, as it draws from over 40 years of work in the horticulture industry and her 24 years of experience in landscape architecture.  She also enjoys teaching part-time at the CED.

Degrees Held

B.A., Horticulture, University of Georgia (1980)
M.L.A., University of Georgia, (1993)
CV Available on Request

Research Interests

Creative integration of food crops into urban residential landscapes. Classes Taught: Plants of the South East, Reading the Landscape, Landscape Design

Personal Interests

Teaching horticulture to UGA students, especially landscape architects, through service learning activities at Athens elementary schools and Athens Land Trust sites. Also enjoys planting and promoting the use of trees.


Member of Ladies’ Garden Club
A-CC Tree Council, Past President

Honors and Awards

CED Staff of the Year, ACC Friend of Trees, Alec Little Environmental Award, Honorary member of Sigma Pi Kappa

Mailing Address

Founders Complex Kitchen
115 Bocock Street
Athens, GA 30602


Phone: 706-542-8972