If I only knew then…BLA Student Perspectives


We asked our undergraduates to think about things they wish they had known as a first-year student to share with prospective students and/or other first-years in the Landscape Architecture (BLA) program. Thank you for sharing your learning!

  • “It may sound unimportant, but I was so happy when I found out that there are numnerous resources available in the Owens Library for us to use – stapler, computers, help with books, etc.” – Taylor Farr, 5th year
  • “That you can get cool things made from the laser cutter and that everyone there (CED IT Office) is more than willing to help you learn how to use it. –Tyler Newborn, 3rd year
  • “I wish I had known about the UGA campus parking enforcement hours map my first year – it became my best friend!” – Megan Perry, 3rd year
  • “It took me almost an entire semester to figure out that almost every single bus route stops in front of the Jackson Street Building (JSB)…I walked to class from the dorms for way too long.” Cecilia Probst, 2nd year
  • “You can get a lot of art supplies at hobby lobby and use the weekly 40% off coupon (40% off your most expensive item not on sale) by just pulling it up on the website on your phone. Saves a good amount of money in the long run.” – Mackenzie Bourne, 5th year
  • “There are tons of resources available to us. You can check out the books in the library, rent tape measurers at the tech office, all sorts of printing and scanning options, etc.” – Katie Sewell, 3rd year
  • “I would have purchased a computer with a bigger/faster processor (higher even than the recommended specs) to accomodate the size of all the programs we need to run.” – Candace Young, 4th year
  • I wish I had known that my lack of sketching skills wasn’t something to be scared of and that I should get involved with groups like GSLA or the GA Landscape Magazine my first year to make friends and to get to know people in other years.” – Katy Lowe, 4th year