Make your own twist on landscape architecture! – Chloe Weigle, 3rd year BLA

Despite what some may think, not everyone comes into a landscape architecture major with the same level of creativity or understanding of ecology. After all, this is why we go to college! Each individual in this program has a different mindset about what landscape architecture means to them, and different goals they would like to accomplish. You may find that you are way more excited about plants than you are hand graphics, art rather than anthropology, or even business rather than engineering. This is something so great about landscape architecture….the applications of the skills you learn in the BLA are so diverse! If you are interested in a stress reliever, know that you do not even need to be incredible at any one skill to succeed. Every job is about playing to your strengths, and landscape architecture is no different. I will give you an example…

I came into this major with the intent of having a positive impact on the environment and how people view the environment, but that my drawing ability was, well….

Chloe 1

…definitely NOT Leonardo Da Vinci quality at all! I had to have faith that my other skills and passions would be enough to establish myself as a successful landscape architect in the future.

From where I am now, I could not be happier to have taken the leap into this field! Though I did not expect to become a Da Vinci, I have definitely learned so much about how to meet graphic standards. As long as standards are met, you can become a great LA in other ways. Make known your problem solving skills, your horticultural knowledge, big picture mindset, businessperson abilities….really anything that makes you unique! It will set you apart from others when it comes down to portfolios and interviews. Here is another example…

When studying for my plant id class, I thought it would be a good idea to remember plants by taking pictures of them. In deciding to do that, I knew it would be even more fun to take pictures of them with my new camera since photography was a new hobby of mine. Low and behold, I had hundreds of pictures of plants by the end of the class, and realized that this hobby could probably be a useful skill in the future! Though photography is not a usual skill taught in classes, it could be useful for inventory or illustrative purposes.


Pink Flowering Dogwood -Chloe Weigle

At some point in the major, I expect everyone in a class will be at a point that their work looks amazing to the average Joe. After seeing the senior’s final projects last semester, I know I was blown away by the professional looking work of the whole class. But since they are all great, what makes one person’s different from another’s? It is how they own the product they are selling. It could be graphics that speak for itself, research that went above and beyond for a client, a strong oral presentation, or so many other things that will put you where you need to be.

Even if you may not know what your “twist” on landscape architecture is, just remember that it can only help to have one. Find what your strengths are, keep pushing the envelope, and you will succeed!